The first theme park to be constructed in Saudi Arabia is called Dragon Ball

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2 min readMar 25, 2024


Fans of the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball have experienced a range of emotions in response to Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it will construct a theme park based on the series.

According to the company that is behind the proposal, it would have at least thirty rides and a dragon that is 70 meters (229.6 feet) tall at its center.

This park would be the first attraction of its kind anywhere in the world, and it would be based on a major media brand.

Some fans voiced their disapproval of the move, citing Saudi Arabia’s track record in terms of human rights regulations.

According to the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC), which is completely owned by the investment fund of the Saudi Arabian government, the park will occupy more than half a million square meters of land.

As part of “a long-term strategic partnership” between the QIC and Toei Animation, the Japanese company that is responsible for producing Dragon Ball, these ideas have been developed.

There will be a roller coaster inside the dragon that is modeled like Shenron, a wish-granting dragon that appears in the Dragon Ball franchise, according to the official website for the franchise.

Near Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, a significant entertainment and tourism project known as Qiddiya is now under construction.

The energy-rich nation is making this move as part of its aim to diversify its economy away from its reliance on fossil fuels.

On social media, there are some fans of Dragon Ball who have expressed their approval of the plans for the theme park, while there are others who have expressed their disagreement with the idea to situate the attraction in Saudi Arabia.

The nation has been attacked for its record of human rights violations and for its failure to recognize the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The announcement comes with only a few weeks having passed since the passing of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball.

In March, Toriyama passed away at the age of 68. In accordance with a statement that was published on the Dragon Ball website, his funeral was attended by only his family and a small number of his friends.

Because Toriyama is responsible for the creation of characters that have become a part of their life, fans from all over the world have paid tribute to her.

It was in 1984 when the Dragon Ball comic series made its debut. It follows a young kid named Son Goku as he embarks on a journey to acquire magical dragon balls that have the potential to bestow upon him superpowers.

The Japanese comic book is widely considered to be among the most influential and best-selling works of all time.